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General - Telnyx Portal & Account
General - Telnyx Portal & Account

Discover Telnyx's Mission Control for account management, billing, and more.

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Telnyx Miscellaneous Guidelines

Guidelines on API tutorials, blocked accounts, NPA, N11 codes, privacy, and more.

API Tutorials: Share & RewardContribute to the community and earn rewards like priority ticketing, $100 in Telnyx credit, or an exclusive Zoom lunch with the Telnyx CEO!
Blocked Account GuidelinesGuidelines on identifying, resolving, and preventing blocked Telnyx accounts for users.
What is an Exhausted NPA?In this guide we will explain Exhausted NPA codes in the United States and their respective overlay's
United States - N11 CodesIn this guide we will explain N11 codes in the United States and their purpose.
Telnyx Privacy PolicyIn this article we will provide details on Telnyx's privacy policy so you can have peace of mind.
US Rural Call CompletionHere we will explain common issues with rural call completion and how we help you avoid them.
HIPAA, BAAs and the Conduit Exception*In this article we will explain HIPAA, BAAs and the Conduit Exception and what they mean for you.
Do you offer service to call centers?Do you manage or work for a call center and want to tap into Telnyx to improve your operations and enhance call quality? We can help.
ACA Feedback ProcessLearn about Telnyx's compliance with the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). Understand the CRTC's accessibility rules, how to provide feedback.
What is the Reassigned Numbers DatabaseExplore the FCC's Reassigned Numbers Database, designed to track permanently disconnected numbers. Learn how Telnyx ensures compliance.
Certificate Error: api.telnyx.comIn this article, you will get to know how you can install the TLS certificate for Telnyx
Dialing Emergency ServicesHow to dial emergency services to the different countries we support.
Supported Emergency NumbersHere you can find the complete list of emergency numbers supported by Telnyx on the different countries where it supports emergency calls.
Emergency Services and IPND in AustraliaLearn more about emergency services and IPND in Australia