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Unlock Telnyx platform potential with Level 2 Verification. Ensure user legitimacy, protect from spam, and gain more platform freedoms.

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Level 2 Verification Process and Appeal

We want to unlock all the potential of the Telnyx platform for you!

Level 2 Verification is one way that Telnyx helps to protect the integrity of the Telnyx platform and consumers from spam or fraudulent calls and messages by making sure our users are legitimate. If you become L2 Verified then you will have more freedom to call certain international destinations, ​​send messages from your account at a higher rate, order SIM cards, and be able to use call forwarding.

How to submit your L2 Verification:

  1. Log in to your Mission Control Portal > Profile (in top right) > My Account > General and update your Company Name and Address. Also go to My Account > Business Identities and update all the fields about your business, especially the Website URL (which means your business website).

  2. Go to Profile (in top right) > My Account > Verification > Request Level 2 Verification and submit.

How to check status of L2 Verification:

  1. Log in to your Mission Control Portal > Profile (in top right) > My Account > Verifications

  2. If you have recently submitted your L2 Verification, please give us at least 48 hours to review your application.

  3. If approved, it will say “Verified” in green, here next to Level 2 Verification.

  4. If it has been more than 72 hours and your account is still unverified for L2, and you feel you have been denied in error please follow instructions below.

What if my level 2 verification request has been denied / rejected?

If you have been denied L2 Verification and would like to appeal your verification status, please answer the following questions:

  • What are you planning to use the Telnyx services for?

  • Are you going to use Telnyx services for your business?

  • What is your business’s website?

  • Have you ensured your Telnyx account details match any payment methods used to make a payment? If you have not added a payment method, please do so now.

Please send your appeal and responses to and we will be happy to review. In some circumstances, our review team may require scanned documentation in order to verify your account.


The new location of the Level 2 Verification application is now via


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