Blocked Account Guidelines

Guidelines on identifying, resolving, and preventing blocked Telnyx accounts for users.

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Guidelines for a Telnyx customer whose Account has been Blocked

  1. Understand the Security Measures:

    Telnyx has implemented anti-fraud and anti-spam systems to protect our customers and the global community we serve. Occasionally, legitimate customers may get suspended by these security measures if their activities appear suspicious. We cannot disclose specific details about your account’s block, as it would compromise the effectiveness of our security measures.

  2. Case Review:

    If you believe you have been blocked in error then you can contact our support team at We will manually review your case to determine whether the block can be lifted. If we are unable to confirm that your traffic or activity follows best practices and our terms and conditions, then we may advise you to find an alternative vendor for all or some of the related traffic. However, if the offending traffic or behavior can be identified and fixed, there is a possibility of restoring your account. We receive many illegitimate requests to review an account blockage so not all requests may be reviewed or there may be a delay in processing.

  3. Cooperation and Compliance:

    It is essential to cooperate with Telnyx during the review process and address any identified issues promptly. If Telnyx receives complaints from end-users regarding your account's traffic or activity, such as unsolicited messages, scam attempts, or excessive calls, it may result in a permanent block. It is best to avoid contacting individuals who have not requested to be contacted, especially multiple times.

  4. Porting Away:

    Ultimately if the decision is made to permanently part ways we may grant temporary access to port your phone numbers away. We will waive the port out fee for blocked accounts. Please message

  5. Requesting a refund:

    If we have decided to keep the block permanently and you have any unused funds in your account then you may request a refund by emailing

  6. Feedback and Suggestions:

    If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the block review process or how blocking is implemented, you can send your thoughts to with the subject line of “Feedback: [YOUR_TELNYX_ACCOUNT_EMAIL] [YOUR_TELNYX_CHAT/TICKET_ID] Blocked Account. In the body of your email please list your feedback on what and how the process can be improved. This is not a channel to appeal your account status and you may not receive any response. We value your input and strive to continually improve our services so we’d be happy to hear from you.

Remember, the purpose of the block is to ensure the security and integrity of our platform and protect all Telnyx users and the global community we connect them to. By following these guidelines and cooperating with our support team, you increase the chances of resolving the block and continuing to use our services effectively.

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