Developer: There is no I in TEAM.
Tester: We can’t spell BUGS without U

Explanation of Bug Reports

At Telnyx, we're very much engineering focused. We're agile and iterate quickly, shipping improvements and new features regularly.

We're always grateful to our customers when it comes to identifying any and all improvements, especially bugs!

Let us know if you find any by contacting our support team by email, we're always quick on hand to bring this feedback to the attention of our engineers, in order to ensure a better customer experience.

We always appreciate a detailed description of the bug, as well as any screenshots or videos you may have.

If you have any security related bugs, why not email who can discuss our bug bounty programme with you.

Don't forget! Our mission control portal user interface is built on top of our API, so check out your browsers console logs (front-end issues) or network logs (back-end issues) which can significantly help when it comes to reproducing your concerns.

If the bug is mission critical (service affecting), please open a chat with ourselves in support and we will investigate it immediately.

Can't find what you're looking for? Click the chat bubble at your lower right-hand corner and talk to the support team!

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