US Rural Call Completion

Here we will explain common issues with rural call completion and how we help you avoid them.

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Rural Call Experience

Long distance calls to rural area's of the United States can be a frustrating experience, whether you are the caller or the callee. If you have ever tried to place a long distance or wireless call to a rural area, you may have experienced call completion issues, such as dead air - where you can't hear anything, prolonged ringing or various recordings like “Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and try again”.

These issues are often the byproduct of how long distance carriers choose to route calls and it's usually due to following the least cost routing model, which can lead to this poor experience.

Solution for Rural Calling

At Telnyx, we're looking to connect people globally, no matter where they reside. Should you have any call completion concerns to rural area's, please contact our rural call completion support by email or by phone +1.312.270.8009

Plan for Rural Calling

Providing the following details, will help our team in understanding the issue and working towards a solution.

  • A description of the issue or concern.

  • From and To telephone numbers.

  • Date and time (including timezone) of the call during which the issues were experienced.

  • A description of any testing the rural carrier has already conducted with their customer to rule out local network or tandem issues or issues at the end-user premise.

  • Any contact information for a rural carrier representative that so Telnyx can contact in order to obtain more information, provide updates, or engage in trouble-shooting or cooperative testing.

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