In this article, I will describe the Monthly Charges Feature on your Telnyx customer portal and what you can do there.

Video Walk-through

Coming soon! This walk-through will demonstrate the usage of our Reporting tools.

Step by Step Guide

The reporting/usage reports section can be found here. Once on this page, you will be faced with the following table, from here you can tweak the various filters and variables available for monthly charge requests

Month: The calendar month you would like to see the Monthly charges

Year: The year in question

Report Type: From here you can choose between Summary and Breakdown by Number. Breakdown by number will show only charges and features that pertain to DIDs such as the Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) or charge for CNAM. See image below.

The Summary report type will return a report detailing all charges for DIDs, features, additional services (Port outs, e911 calling etc) and credits(in the form of payments, promo code redemptions etc)

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