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This article will explain the "Addresses" section of your portal account and it's functions

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The Address section of your Telnyx portal account will contain the addresses you will use for E911 emergency services.

Video Walk-through for Addresses

Coming soon! This walk-through will demonstrate setting up your Account/Addresses tab

Step by Step Guide to Addresses

The Account/Addresses section is located under "My Account". When you click on the top right corner of the portal, there will be a drop-down menu and one of the options will be "My Account".
From there, you should see a sub-header called Addresses. When you first visit this page you will not have any addresses added, so you can hit the "Add Address" button on the top right. From there, you will be prompted to enter your address details. You will have a choice of two methods to enter your address, you can manually enter all the address details or you can use the built-in address search feature that will allow you to enter some partial details and find your desired address from the options we return to you.

Addresses tab of the Account sections on Mission Control Portal.

Once the address entry has been created you should see it added to the list of addresses on the same page. This list can be filtered to help you locate specific addresses you may have added. Addresses can also be deleted from this list if necessary, please note, if you delete an address that is associated with a DID for e911 emergency services then that DID will no longer be viable for e911 services.

To activate E911 services on a DID number with one of your added addresses, navigate to the "Numbers" section of your account, find your desired DID, and then enter the settings of that number. Once there, you will see an "Emergency" tab, you can then activate Emergency services by clicking the check-box, you will then be prompted to select your desired address from the dropdown menu or you may enter a new address from here also.

Voice Options activation interface.

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