Reporting: Overview

In this article, I will describe the Reporting Feature on your Telnyx customer portal and what you can do there.

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How to find the Reporting section

  • Inside this section, you have 4 options:

    - Detail Records

    - Usage Reports

    - Monthly Charges

    - Message Deliverability

Detail Records

  • Calls, Messaging, Voice API (Call Control), Fax API & Wireless usage, Real time transcription, Webrtc Detail Requests.

  • You can find more details on how to use this feature here.

  • To understand the details included in the call reports you can check here.

Reports section for generating CDR and others.

Usage Reports

  • This is where you can generate and download detailed usage reports on your Calls, Messaging, Telco Data & Real Time Transcription.

  • You can break down the call usage report by call direction, product, country, and/or connection.

  • You can find more details on how to use this feature here.

Usage reports section.

Monthly Charges

  • This where you can generate a Monthly Report of your charges.

  • You can also choose to break down the charges by Number.

Monthly charges portal on the mission control portal.

Message Deliverability

  • This is where you can view the Messaging usage and overall health of your Messaging Profiles.

  • The traffic can be filtered for specific use case and can be searched based on:

    - Direction (Inbound, Outbound)

    - Type (SMS, MMS)

    - Product (Toll Free, Short Code, Long Code, Alphanumeric)

Message deliverability section.

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