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Get Started with a Mission Control Account
Get Started with a Mission Control Account

This article explains what is needed to set up your Mission Control account after signing up!

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This article lists four requirements needed to set up your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account so that it's ready to be configured to your PBX phone system, softphone client or softswitch of your choice.

Video Walkthrough to Setting up your Mission Control Account

Coming soon! This walkthrough will demonstrate setting up your Telnyx Mission Control Portal. We'll also show you how to assign a connection to a newly purchased DID which will allow you to receive inbound calls. Then we'll walk you through how to assign the connection to an outbound voice profile such that you can make outbound calls!

Guide to Setting up your Mission Control Account

  1. Level 1 Verification

    In order to assign a connection/messaging profile on a DID or a connection on an outbound voice profile, you'll need to be Level 1 verified. More information on account verification can be found here.

  2. Connection Setup

    A connection is needed to authenticate your client with our sip proxy ( We have three authentication options on the portal:
    Credentials, IP Address & FQDN.

    You must select one of the authentication methods that you wish to whitelist your your server to our domain. More details on the connection authentication types and how to set it up can be found here.

  3. DIDs

    A DID is required in order to receive inbound calls to your client. Once you have purchased a DID on your account, you'll have to assign the connection you wish to receive inbound calls to. More details on our number search feature can be found here. Information on assigning DIDs to a connection and DID features can be found here.

  4. Outbound Voice Profile

    An outbound voice profile is required in order to make outbound calls. More information on creating an outbound profile and its features are explained here.

  5. You will need to add a payment method to your account in order to top up your balance. This will be necessary to purchase numbers, send messages, make/receive calls etc.
    Further details on how to add a payment method can be found in our Billing support article.

Additional information that may be needed for configuring your client, such as a list of our signalling and media IP's, to our SIP proxy, can be found at

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