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This article explains how to submit a feature request within the Mission Control Portal.

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A feature request allows users to request helpful features that are not currently supported in the Mission Control Portal.

Video Walkthrough for Feature Requests

Video walkthrough notice.

How to submit a Feature Request

1. Hover your mouse over the user icon in the top right hand corner of the Mission Control Portal.

Menu icon on the mission control portal.

2. Select feature request from the drop-down menu.

Feature request icon on the menu dropdown.

3. Click submit idea in the top right corner of the page.

You can also view planned features, features being implemented and features under consideration on this page.

Clicking into these features will allow you to select one of three options; Nice-to-have, Important and Critical.

Telnyx Product Portal page.

4. Enter the following details into the form and click submit to create your feature request.

  • Feature Request

  • Importance of Feature

  • Email Address

Feature request submission on the New Idea page.

That's it! You'll be notified VIA the email entered if any further developments are made with your feature request. Thank you for helping us improve our ever-expanding feature set!

Special Note

From time to time, our users may also provide improvement suggestions via chat or email. Know that Telnyx has in place a tight feedback loop, where our support team can tag your case as a feature request, allowing our product managers to be notified internally on your suggestions. This allows them the ability to review your case and potentially have the improvement included on our public product board!

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