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Port numbers to TelnyxPort your numbers to Telnyx with comprehensive guides and support, for a smooth transition to superior telecommunication services.
Porting RequirementsEssential requirements for porting numbers to Telnyx, including LOA and invoice details.
How to fill out an LOAIn this article you we will explain in detail what information you will need to fill in on an LOA.
Port-In Best PracticesIn this article we will explain some of the best ways to ensure your port will go smoothly!
FastPort® FAQsHere you will find answers and resources to some frequently asked questions about FastPort®.
Your Guide to FastPort®Here we will walk you through FastPort® and how you can take advantage of it on your Telnyx account.
Obtaining a CSR From Your CarrierLearn How To Obtain a Customer Service Record (CSR) From Your Carrier.
Carrier Refusing to Port Your NumberPorting a number away from your provider can sometimes be difficult, learn how to make it easier here.
Port Request RejectedHere we will explain what port request rejected means and how you can solve it.
Porting Error MessagesLearn more about the various error conditions that may occur with porting
Porting In - Day of Port (FOC)In this article we will explain how to ensure your numbers are ready to go on the day of FOC!
Number Not Portable/TN Not Portable ErrorGet the specifics for Not Portable and TN Not Portable errors and decipher their meaning.
BTN or ATN Mismatch ErrorIn this article we will explain the billing telephone number or account telephone number mismatch error and how to solve it.
Authorized Name Mismatch ErrorIn this article we will explain what an authorized name mismatch error means when porting numbers and what you can do to solve it.
Invalid Reseller ErrorLearn About Invalid Reseller Errors When Porting Canadian Telephone Numbers.
Automating Ports With Programmatic APIRevolutionize your porting process using the Documents API. Start automating porting \today.
LOA Template DownloadLearn how to create a PDF in Node.js for Telnyx Porting LOA API. Download the LOA Template PDFs using the Telnyx API for porting numbers.
Auto-generated Letter of Authorization (LOA)Learn more about using auto-generated LOA's to simplify your porting experience
US / CA Toll Free Number PortingHere you will find a detailed list of requirements for Toll Free number portability
Porting + BundlesLearn how to pre-configure your porting order with Bundles