Carrier Refusing to Port Your Number

Porting a number away from your provider can sometimes be difficult, learn how to make it easier here.

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Porting a number away from your provider can sometimes be a pain! Porting a number away from a provider means loss of business for them, which no business wants.

At Telnyx, we try to work with carriers and verify your information in real-time to help ease the process of moving your numbers to Telnyx from your existing provider. Unfortunately, we do not have relationships with all carriers, so there are some things that may be helpful for you to do in order to speed up the process:

Make sure your porting request information is correct.

One of the main reasons why port requests are rejected by a losing carrier is because the information you submitted is wrong. This may sound like a simple mistake, but it is the most common reason for rejection and sometimes takes weeks to resolve. If you are unsure of your account information, please request a CSR from your carrier.

If you have received a response from our team in relation to a specific rejection reason and want to know what it means check out Porting Error Messages.

Call your provider

Emailing a support team can sometime mean waiting days to get a response, and if your question is answered in the first response, this is repeated, which can be so frustrating! Carriers generally have a specific process for porting related requests and process them in the same way meaning a standard wait time for a response, so why not call your provider and request an update from them. In most cases, this will result in receiving a quicker response, if not an instant one over the phone!

Ensure you know the FCC regulations around Number Porting 

The FCC have very detailed guidelines around number portability, so it is important that you familiarize yourself with them if you constantly run into issues when porting your numbers. 

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