Number Not Portable/TN Not Portable Error

Get the specifics for Not Portable and TN Not Portable errors and decipher their meaning.

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"TN Not Portable"

What does "TN Not Portable" mean?

The "TN not portable" error is a catch-all error for a number of other errors. Typically the carrier is intentionally choosing to be unspecific about why the number is not portable. Reasons for non-portability include:

  • The number may be "inactive" with the losing carrier. This could mean that the number is no longer assigned to the account or has been deactivated.

  • The number is stuck in a “pending” state. It’s possible that another action was recently initiated and it’s still pending. Please see the article on Pending Order Errors.

  • The number may have a special feature associated with it such as a signal ring.

  • The number might be on a special rate plan. This often occurs with bundled plans such as TV, voice and Internet plans.

  • You may have recently made an informational update to the account.

Next steps

To resolve this type of error it's best that you call your existing carrier and ask if there are any numbers on your account that may not be portable. They should be able to quickly identify any features or inactive numbers that might hold up a port request.

If you have an inactive number you'll likely need to re-activate it first before a port out can continue.

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