Port-In Best Practices

In this article we will explain some of the best ways to ensure your port will go smoothly!

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Porting Overview

This is one of the areas where Telnyx excels. We try to guarantee as few issues as possible and we tend to be a leader in this area of telecommunications!  We are as diligent as possible with porting numbers and we take pride in this.

As you know with all things, issues can sometimes arise, and we only have so much power, as a port is a 2-way  transaction - the losing carrier and then the winning carrier (Telnyx). We work closely with the losing carrier, where possible, to try to ensure that they do not release their lines prematurely and that they keep the numbers active in right up until the point that they are fully ported to Telnyx.

However, if there are any issues with your numbers before or after the FOC date and time, we would ask you to contact the Telnyx porting team to investigate this issue immediately and identify where the issue is coming from. 

Here are a few steps that generally help to prevent any issues from  arising:  

  1. If FOC Date (port  date) is set, it is best not to change this, whenever possible. Changing  FOC  date is generally where issues occur as some losing carriers still drop the lines on the original FOC date. It is possible to change FOC  date, but we advise to only change the FOC date when necessary.  If you have a suggested FOC time, please feel free to enter this when submitting your port request. We cannot always guarantee that the requested FOC date will be accepted by the losing carrier, so please be aware of this too.

  2. Please note that FOC date changes within 48 hours of FOC are considered best effort requests, as the losing carrier may still drop the lines.

  3. When  submitting  a  port  request,  we ask  that you submit a LOA,  an  invoice, and where possible, a CSR (Customer  Service  Record). A CSR can be added after the port request has been created within the Portal - CSR helps to validate the end user information if the losing carrier rejects the port request for invalid information

  4. When creating the port request, you will have the option to assign a connection. We recommend assigning a connection to the TNs so that as soon as the numbers are ported to Telnyx, they will automatically hit the connections that they are assigned to.

When  we  submit  the  port  request  on  your  behalf  the  losing  carrier  will contact  you  to  confirm  this. We ask that you confirm this with them as soon as possible to speed up the overall process of the port. If you have any further questions, we are here to help!  

Port-In Requirements:

Letter of Authorization (LOA): This is the form that A, gives you permission to act on behalf of your client, and B, gives us permission to request, on your behalf (+end users behalf), to port your number to Telnyx. Please ensure that the LOA lists all porting numbers, customer information, and has a signature via either docusign or physical signature. Toll free LOA’s must list, “Port to RespOrg QIT02.”

Invoice: An invoice proves that the End User porting the numbers is the owner of the numbers. If an Invoice does not list the telephone numbers, the customer can provide either a screenshot of the current carriers portal showing the numbers, or provide a CSR from the current carrier. If neither can be provided, please reach out to porting@telnyx.com to discuss other options to prove ownership.

Customer Service Record (CSR): A CSR is not required, but providing a CSR can assist to get your number ported as quickly as possible. Most carriers have a record of your number, address, and billing telephone number. This is the record that is used to verify your information during the porting process. Please note the information listed on the CSR may not be the same information listed on the billing portion of your account.

If you have any questions please reach out to the Porting Team via email at porting@telnyx.com.

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