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Auto-generated Letter of Authorization (LOA)

Learn more about using auto-generated LOA's to simplify your porting experience

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On select port orders, Telnyx provides users with the ability to auto-generate a Letter of Authorization (LOA). This LOA will be pre-populated with the same information entered on the porting order form. These LOA's can be custom branded with your own company logos and information, and the LOA can be easily shared with the authorized user to sign.

This guide will walk you through how to take make the most out of the Auto LOA feature.


This feature is only available currently for ports that meet the following criteria:

  • Port orders with US local phone numbers

  • Port orders with CA local phone numbers

We hope to expand this in the future.

How to use the "Auto-generate LOA and "Share LOA" features

  1. Go to the Port Numbers page and click on New Port Request

  2. Run the portability check on your phone numbers. Hit Next to create a port order

  3. Fill in the Order Details page. Hit Next

  4. On the Additional Requirements page, there will be 2 buttons. 1 for Auto-generate LOA . And one for Share LOA

Port Request section.

Now let's dive in a little deeper...

Auto-generate LOA

When you click on the Auto-generate LOA button, a modal will pop up that looks like this:

Auto-generate LOA template.

The left side of the modal includes all of the interactive components. You will have a few input options:

  1. LOA Template: If you have multiple branded templates, you can select which one to apply. More on that in the Custom LOA section below

  2. Print Name: The printed name of the authorized user signing the LOA

  3. Date: The date that the LOA is signed

  4. Draw Signature: The user can actually draw their signature in the box. Which will then be transferred to the LOA.

And then there are 3 buttons:

  1. Modify: Saves the changes you made in the inputs. This is relevant if you want to preview the changes before taking any further actions.

  2. Download: Downloads the LOA to your local computer. If you made any changes in the inputs, these will be included in the LOA (even if you forget to hit Modify)

  3. Submit: Attaches the LOA to the porting order. If you made any changes in the inputs, these will be included in the LOA (even if you forget to hit Modify)

The right side of the modal shows the preview of what the auto-generated LOA looks like. You can verify that the LOA is filled out correctly before downloading or attaching the LOA to their order.

Share LOA

Even though you are creating the porting order, you may not be the individual authorized to sign the LOA. If that's the case, you can use the Share LOA button to generate a link to share with the authorized user. The authorized user can visit that link to easily sign and attach the LOA to the porting order.

To use this feature:

  1. Click on the Share LOA button

  2. A modal will pop up. Copy the link and sends it to the authorized user.

    LOA shareable link page.
  3. Save the port order into a "draft" status by clicking on the Save and Close button

  4. Authorized user signs the LOA and attaches it to the port order.

  5. Return to the port order. Edit it. And finish submitting it

A couple of things to note about this feature:

  • You cannot submit your porting order until an LOA has been attached. Please click on the Save and Close button in the portal to save your port order as a "draft" while you wait for the authorized user to sign and attach the LOA.

  • The link will expire after 48 hours. If it expires, you will need to generate a new link to send to the authorized user again. Or you can avoid the feature altogether and manually upload a signed LOA.

  • The Authorized user does not need a Telnyx Portal account. As long as they have the link and the link has not expired, they will be able to sign and submit the LOA to that porting order.

There will also be email notifications for key LOA events:

  • Once the Authorized User signs and attaches the LOA to the porting order, the Telnyx User will be emailed. So that they may revisit the "draft" port order and finish submitting it

  • If the link expires before an LOA is attached to the order, the Telnyx User will be emailed. That way, they can decide whether to upload an LOA manually, or to generate and share a new link with the authorized user

How to customize LOA's with your own company branding

By default, the auto-generated LOA is branded with Telnyx's logo and company information. If you would like, you can customize the auto-generated LOA's to reflect your own company's branding and information.

To do so, visit the Customize LOA page in the portal here. Then, click on the button in the top right of the page called New LOA Template. You will be brought to a new page that looks like this:

New LOA template creation page.

The left side of the page is comprised of all the interactive elements. Fill out the form with your own company name, email address, phone number, and physical address. Once the form is completed, there are 3 buttons that you can press:

  1. Cancel: LOA template is not created, and you are brought back to the previous page

  2. Preview: Before saving the template, you can preview what the LOA will ultimately look like. The preview appears on the right side of the page (example below)

    Customizable LOA.
  3. Save: saves the template.

Once the template is saved, it will start to be automatically applied to your auto-generated LOA's, replacing the Telnyx branded LOA template.

You can create 1 or more templates. If you have multiple templates, the most recently created template will be used by default with the auto-generated LOA. Once the LOA has been generated, you may change the LOA template by using the LOA Template dropdown in the modal

LOA template.

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