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US / CA Toll Free Number Porting

Here you will find a detailed list of requirements for Toll Free number portability

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Toll-Free/8YY Number Porting Process

The process of porting toll-free or "8YY" numbers (including 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 exchanges) involves distinct steps within the industry, deviating from the mandates governing Local Number Portability (LNP) by the FCC. Unlike Local Number Portability, toll-free porting has a centralized portal for all requests, allowing a typically quicker timeframe than standard porting. We recommend initiating toll-free port requests at least two weeks before the desired number activation.

It is crucial to recognize that toll-free numbers face the risk of disconnection if not activated within 1-2 weeks following their release by the RespOrg (Responsible Organization) assigned to manage the toll-free number. To mitigate accidental disconnects, we strongly advise customers to delay submitting port requests until they are within the 2-week timeframe. This approach minimizes the possibility of rejections and ensures we obtain the Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) in a timely manner to align with the desired activation date.

The timeline for toll-free port requests can span 7 days, assuming no rejections occur and a suitable first available date is selected. Notably, the Letter of Authorization (LOA) submission process for toll-free porting differs from standard number porting. Refer to the LOA & Documentation Policy page for detailed information on the required procedures.

Required Documentation for Toll Free Porting:

1. LoA

2. Latest Invoice

Download LOA here

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