Porting Requirements

Essential requirements for porting numbers to Telnyx, including LOA and invoice details.

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Porting Requirements

Letter of Authorization (LOA):

  • This is the form that A, gives you permission to act on behalf of your client, and B, gives us permission to request, on your behalf (+end users behalf), to port your number to Telnyx. (Must be signed within 90 days)

  • This document is required, and we cannot process a port without it. Please ensure that the LOA lists all porting numbers, End User information, and has a signature via either DocuSign (or similar authorization method) or physical signature.

  • Toll-free LOA’s must list, “Port to RespOrg QIT02.”


  • An invoice proves that the End User porting the numbers is the owner of the numbers. (Must be within 30 days.)

  • If an Invoice does not list the telephone numbers, the customer can provide either a screenshot of the current carrier's portal showing the numbers, or provide a CSR from the current carrier. If neither can be provided, please reach out to porting@telnyx.com to discuss other options to prove ownership.

Customer Service Record (CSR):

  • Please note that a CSR is not required, however it can greatly assist with porting in the least amount of time.

  • Most carriers have a record of your number, address, and billing telephone number. This is the record that is used to verify your information during the porting process. Please note the information listed on the CSR may not be the same information listed on the billing portion of your account.

For further assistance, please contact porting@telnyx.com and our Porting Team will be happy to assist.

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