Authorized Name Mismatch Error

In this article we will explain what an authorized name mismatch error means when porting numbers and what you can do to solve it.

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Authorized Name Mismatch Errors When Porting Numbers

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What does "Authorized Name Error" mean?

Each account has one or more authorized users--employees or officers at your company that are allowed to make changes to the account. The authorized users are typically specifies when an account is setup.

Next steps

The authorized user name is not always the name of the person who receives the bill or invoice. The best way to get the authorized user name is to call the current carrier and ask.

In some cases Telnyx may be able to request a CSR on your behalf and determine the authorized user's name.

Special Note For Retailers, Banks and Chains

For businesses with a large number of locations, the authorized user may be the current or former manager of the individual location. More often than not, accounts are not setup by the corporate parent.

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