Your Guide to FastPort®

Here we will walk you through FastPort® and how you can take advantage of it on your Telnyx account.

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What is FastPort®?

FastPort® is a new feature that will streamline your porting experience from start to finish! 

FastPort® verifies the information you input on your LOA and alerts you of any incorrect information in real-time. Sometimes inaccurate information can cause days, or even weeks of delays and back and forth with the losing carrier. FastPort® alleviates you of this problem and simplifies your porting experience!

Once the FOC date is confirmed after the information has been validated and accepted by the losing carrier, we then allow you to activate your numbers at a specified date and time within an activation window that is convenient for you!

What is Activation?

Activation is the transfer of ownership or “handshake” of your number(s) from the losing carrier to your new carrier during the activation window, the window of time that your old service provider allows to take ownership of the numbers.  

With the new FastPort® feature you have 2 choices of how you want to activate your numbers.

 1. On Demand

On Demand activation allows you to activate the telephone numbers yourself within the given activation window. The activation window is available to you with the port request details.

 2. Schedule

Schedule activation allows you to choose a specific time within the activation window to activate the numbers at. When you choose to schedule activation, you will be allowed to choose a specific date and time by moving the scroll along the line. 

If you choose this option, the numbers will auto activate at the specified date and time. 

More questions around FastPort®? Check out our FastPort® FAQ

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