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Port numbers to Telnyx

Port your numbers to Telnyx with comprehensive guides and support, for a smooth transition to superior telecommunication services.

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The Telnyx Mission Control platform allows you to submit ports directly from the online portal and view the status of any existing port requests in real time.

Alternatively, you can port numbers through the Mission Control API, which can be useful for those who wish to write programs that automate usage of Telnyx features.   

Step-by-Step Guide to Porting

  1. Login to your Mission Control account

  2. Go the NUMBERS page via the navigation menu

  3. Select the PORT NUMBERS tab near the top of the screen

Submitting Your Port Request

Click the "Add Porting Request" button near the top-right to begin a new port request

Choosing the owner of the numbers

You now need to choose whether these numbers are your own numbers, or if you're a reseller porting numbers for your customers.

  1. If you are porting your own numbers click the box next to "My own numbers".

  2. If you are a reseller or service provider and you are porting your own customer's numbers, click the box next to " My customer's numbers (I'm a reseller or service provider)"

You will then need to select the country in which the telephone numbers are for from the drop-down menu under "What country is this for?". Port requests must be split into different requests based on the country of the port request.

Once you have selected these, click "Next" button.

Enter the numbers you would like to port to Telnyx

  1. You can manually type the numbers in, or you can copy and past directly from a csv/excel file

  2. We will support the following formats: NPANXXYYYY, 1NPANXXYYYY, NPA-NXX-YYYY, and 1-NPA-NXX-YYYY

Click the "Check Portability" button

  1. If any numbers cannot be ported in, you will be notified immediately and you can choose "Remove All Non Portable" to remove the non portable numbers from the request. IMPORTANT NOTE: If an international number shows up as not eligible for port, you may want to send an email to to confirm if we can port that number in. It is possible that the number is portable but not via the automated port process.

  2. You'll notice that your port request has been broken down into "Sub Requests". Sub Requests are groups of numbers that belong to the same underlying carrier. This is done in order to expedite the port process and ensure that we are submitting your port request in the most efficient manner. 

Input your "Account Information"

  1. The address needs to match the billing address listed with your current provider.

  2. Please make sure you are providing the proper "Auth Person's Name". The Auth Person is the person authorized with your current provider to make changes to your account. 

Upload your supporting documents

  1. You will need to upload an LOA and Invoice/CSR before you can submit your port request. 

  2. You can use your own LOA or use the hyperlinks to download a word doc or pdf version of our LOA. 

  3. Once you've uploaded both documents, you can click Save and Finish to complete you Port Request submission

Checking The Status Of Your Port Request(s)

Once you've submitted a port request, you can view the status of your existing request from the PORT NUMBERS tab. All of your requests will be visible from this page and the numbers will be color coded to reflect their port status

A colored coded status of your port request(s).

Porting Request Details

You can also click on the "View Details" for any port request to get additional information. From the "Porting Request Details" page you'll be able to:

  1. Search for a particular number to view the status

  2. View Sub-Requests. See status for each sub-request. See FOC date for each sub-request

  3. View Comments. Note: Comments are associated with a particular Sub Request which you can see via the Sub Request ID

  4. Add a Comment. Add additional information to a request or respond to a comment from Telnyx

For updates on the status of a port request, please visit the Port Numbers page.

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