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Automating Ports With Programmatic API

Revolutionize your porting process using the Documents API. Start automating porting \today.

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While Telnyx has always supported the purchasing and porting of numbers through the Telnyx Portal, we have recently introduced new tools to assist with automating this process through our API. You can now programmatically manage document uploads to completely remove the manual intervention required for porting new numbers. This is particularly useful if you have built custom tools that allow your customers to port numbers through our API.

Programmatic Number Porting

In order to validate your port-in, Telnyx requires you to provide a letter of agency/authorization and an invoice from your current provider. Through the Documents API, this process no longer requires the manual management of documents from the Portal.

To begin porting a number, you first need to run a portability check. If the portability check is successful, you can initiate a porting order from our v2/porting_orders endpoint.

Enhancing Porting with the Documents API

Previously, without the Documents API, you would have needed to manually upload the supporting documents through the Portal, but you can now upload a new document using our endpoint, which will return a UUID.

Now, you can simply update the porting order to provide the relevant document UUID in the "documents" parameter. In the same request, you can supply the "end_user" information, "activation_settings" (FOC date), and "phone_number_configuration" settings. Finally, you must confirm the porting order.

You may also choose to configure webhooks to manage your notifications regarding your port-ins. For an overview of this process, please see our Quickstart guide.

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