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Here we will explain what port request rejected means and how you can solve it.

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Why was My Port Request Rejected?

When you submit a port request into Telnyx, you may receive a notification from the Porting team that the port request has been rejected by the losing carrier as a result of information mismatch. 

Carriers must be given the correct account information so that they can verify that the telephone numbers being ported out are being done so legitimately and with the consent of the actual account holder. 

We recommend that you request a CSR (Customer Service Record) upfront from the losing carrier when submitting port requests. A CSR provides your full account information. We can use this to dispute the rejection with the losing carrier directly, should a rejection occur. 

If you request a CSR and compare this to the information you have on your LOA (Letter of Authorization/Agency) when submitting your port request, this will likely ensure that there are no rejections and that the port request goes through without any issues.

Please see Porting Error Messages for a full list of error messages that you may encounter. 

If you have any questions about a port request please reach out to the Porting team by commenting on your Port Request within the Portal or email the team at porting@telnyx.com.

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