Invalid Reseller Error

Learn About Invalid Reseller Errors When Porting Canadian Telephone Numbers.

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Canada Only

Resolving Canadian Reseller Errors

What does it mean?

Many customers buy their numbers from a telecom reseller, VOIP provider, or managed service provider. They, in turn, are purchasing the numbers from the telecom carrier. In this case, the end customer's name and service address many not be on file with the underlying carrier.

When submitting a port out request Canadian carriers will require the reseller's name. If the name does not match exactly what's on file, the port out request may be rejected.

Next steps

The reseller name submitted to the current carrier must match exactly with what is on file. The best way to get this information is to call your reseller and ask them for the exact spelling of their name with the losing carrier. This may or many not match the brand name they use on their bill/invoice or in their marketing materials.

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