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10DLC Fees and Charges

Registration-related fees, carrier fees, message fees and non-compliance fees associated with A2P 10DLC.

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⚠️ Looking for 10DLC basic info like registration, Brand and Campaign scoring, throughput, and compliance? Read our 10DLC FAQ.



This resource contains a breakdown of all fees being charged by Carriers to register 10DLC Brands and Campaigns and send messages using 10DLC numbers. This resource also contains other fees charged by carriers for activities related to 10DLC and non-compliance fees charged by carriers relating to 10DLC.

Note: Telnyx does not currently charge a markup on 10DLC fees. All 10DLC-related fees are passed on to the customer at cost.

10DLC Registration Fees

The below are the standard fees charged for 10DLC registration.

Brand registration application fee


Campaign registration application fee

$15 per Campaign (manual vetting fee)

Monthly cost

$2–10/month per Campaign, depending on Use Case.

Campaign fees are billed for three months initially, then subsequently on a monthly recurring basis.

NOTE: DO NOT declare a false Use Case to achieve lower charges or higher throughput. Carriers and intermediaries inspect Campaigns and traffic and charge hefty fines for non-compliance including false declarations.

10DLC Carrier fees

10DLC Registered Traffic

The below applies to traffic sent or received via registered 10DLC Brands and Campaigns.




T-Mobile (including former Sprint network)

$0.003 to send and receive

$0.01 to send and receive


$0.002 to send

Free to receive

$0.0035 to send

Free to receive

Verizon Wireless

$0.003 to send

Free to receive

$0.005 to send

Free to receive

US Cellular

$0.005 to send

Free to receive

$0.01 to send

Free to receive

10DLC Unregistered Traffic

NOTE: Telnyx strongly recommends customers complete Brand and Campaign registration. Fees are higher for unregistered traffic, and Carriers may refuse to offer technical support in case of issues such as undelivered messages.

In 2023, AT&T and T-Mobile notified customers of further increasing fees for outbound traffic for phone numbers not registered for 10DLC. These are detailed below.





Traffic from numbers not registered for 10DLC

$0.009, to send (Increasing to $0.010 by August 1, 2024)

$0.018, to send (Increasing to $0.019 by August 1, 2024)


Traffic from numbers not registered for 10DLC

$0.01 to send and receive

$0.015 to send and receive

T-Mobile Special fees for High Volume

The below fees describe special fees charged by T-Mobile for Use Cases that typically apply to very large-scale activities. Examples of this include very high volume traffic, or a high number count.

If this applies to you, we also recommend contacting us to discuss alternative number types, such as Short Code.

T-Mobile Special Business Review Request

T-Mobile requires this review if you require a daily maximum volume that exceeds 200,000 messages per Brand.

Cost: $5,000, one time

This fee is currently waived until further notice.

T-Mobile Number Pool Request

This fee applies if your Campaign or Use Case requires 50 or more phone numbers (10DLC addresses) attached to a given Brand.

Cost: $2,000, one time

T-Mobile Campaign Activation - Sole Proprietor use case (deprecated)

One-time fee for each Campaign registered. (NOTE: this is no longer available.)

Cost: $1, one time

T-Mobile 10DLC Non-Compliance Fines

T-Mobile fines customers for major compliance violations, such as using techniques to circumvent compliance and customer protection controls.

Text enablement

This pass-through fine is applied if T-Mobile receives a complaint where you or your message sender text-enables a 10-digit NANP telephone number and sends messages prior to verification of message sender ownership and/or letter of authorization.

Cost: $10,000 per violation

Grey Route [on hold]

This pass-through fee is applied if A2P messages are sent over P2P routes. [NOTE: this fee is currently on hold]

Cost: $10 per message

This fee is currently not being charged until further notice.

10DLC Long Code Program Evasion

This pass-through fine is applied if a program is found to be using techniques like snowshoeing, dynamic routing, or non-approved number replacement.

Cost: $1,000 per violation

Content Violation

This pass-through fee is applied for each unique instance of the third or any subsequent notification of content violating the T-Mobile Code of Conduct involving the same content provider.

This content includes SHAFT-C (sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco, cannabis) violations, spam, phishing, and messaging that meets the Severity 0 violation threshold per the CTIA Short Code Monitoring Handbook.

Cost: $10,000 per violation


Attempted phishing, smishing, social engineering or similar practices that manipulate individuals to reveal credit card details, social security numbers or other private information.

Cost: $2000

Illegal content especially cannabis

Any content which is not legal according to Federal or State (must be all 50 states) law. This includes Cannabis, Marijuana, Illegal Prescriptions and Solicitation.

Cost: $1000

Other illegal content, including SHAFT

Other content violations, including SHAFT, that does not follow federal and state law / regulations.
Cost: $500

10DLC Sole Proprietor Maintenance Fee

⚠️NOTE: Sole Proprietor Campaigns are no longer accepted by T-Mobile. The below is only relevant for Campaigns that have already been registered. For new registrations, please refer to 10DLC Standard Registration Fees.

Sole Proprietor is a special campaign type that can be used by any small business with low-volume needs (daily volume less than 2,000 messages).

Brand registration application fee [currently unavailable]


Campaign registration (currently unavailable)

$1, one time

Monthly cost (for already-registered Campaigns, new registrations not available)

$0.75/month, per campaign

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