We have recently launched the first of its kind, port-out tracking functionality available from within your account. 

Every time we receive a port out request, we will send you an email notification with a link to the particular request. The emails will go to the Account owner by default.

If you expect to see port out requests and you do not, please ensure you have access to View and/or modify Port Outs assigned to your permission set.
If you are unsure, please see Groups and Permission sets

Once you navigate to your Port Out tab you will see a list of all Port Out requests. At a glance you can see information such as the status, FOC date, Total TNs in request along with the request details and winning carrier name.

You can filter by status: complete or incomplete
You can also search by telephone number or Request# (ie. PO_624719)

To view the details of a particular request, click on the View Details button.

You will see details such as:

  • The information submitted
  • Status
  • Winning carrier (where applicable)
  • Requested FOC date
  • TNs in request

Accepting the request

Once you have reviewed all of the information within the request you will have the ability to Accept or Reject the request.

If you Accept the request, you will notice that the status will go from Pending  to Authorized

Rejecting the request

If you Reject the request, you will need to give a valid reason for the rejection.

You must provide a valid and reasonable reason to reject the port. If the reason is deemed invalid, the number will be ported out and you will be notified of this.

NOTE: You cannot purposely withhold a customer's number without proper authority or for billing/payment issues.

Completed Port Outs

Once we have confirmed that the number(s) have ported out the corresponding port out request will show with a status of Ported Out.

Once a number has been marked as Ported Out it will be removed from your account immediately.

Port Out Charges

You will be billed at the end of the month for any port out charges.

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