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Set up Inbound Caller ID Name (incoming)
Set up Inbound Caller ID Name (incoming)

In this article we will walk you through setting up caller ID name for your numbers.

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This feature is located on the services column in your numbers section of your Mission Control Portal account.

Enabling this feature on your DID will allow for Telnyx to DIP the CNAM databases, to determine if there is a name associated with the callers number on your inbound calls. If there is, we'll pass this along in our SIP INVITES to your connection.

Guide to Configuring Inbound Caller ID Name

  1. On the number you want to enable inbound CNAM, click on the business card icon.

  2. Check the radio button for Enable Caller ID Name

  3. Accept the $0.40 MRC for this feature.

Numbers section in the Mission Control Portal.

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