United Kingdom Number Porting

Here you will find all of the requirements for United Kingdom number portability.

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Local Number

  1. LOA (underlying carrier’s name must be mentioned, Line type (single or multi), a Local address along with a valid postcode is required).

  2. Latest Invoice with the current carrier

National / Toll-free number

  1. LOA (underlying carrier’s name must be mentioned, Local address along with a valid postcode is required).

  2. Latest Invoice with the current carrier

Mobile Number

  1. LOA

  2. Latest Invoice

  3. PAC Number

    Providing that all documentation is correct and there aren't any rejections, a UK Mobile request submitted before 12 noon local can be ported within the next business day.

    Before completing the LOA

    • All pages on the LOA must be signed, dated, and include the page numbers.

    • The LoA should be saved in non-editable PDF format.

    • Fill in the correct details in the designated areas.

    • The signature should be a valid E-signature or manually signed.

    Download LoA UK here

    Useful information to know for UK portability

When you wish to port UK numbers, there are different factors that you must consider

  • Number detail: Are the numbers Geographic (belongs to a specific area in the UK, a local address is mandatory) or Non-Geographic (does not belong to a specific area in the UK, a national address is mandatory). Are these numbers part of a Single-line [Single-lines, are lines that terminate on a single socket, and do not have any other form of associated numbers] or Multi-Line [Multi-lines, are lines that terminate on equipment such as a PBX]?

  • Who is the current communications provider: This does not specifically mean the service provider who bills you every month. Indeed, they could be a reseller, if it’s the case, the customer needs to contact their current carrier/reseller and ask for the current underlying carrier along with their CUPID code (these are standard ID numbers for the telecoms industry). In other words, which carrier does the reseller use to host their numbers in the United Kingdom?

  • Who is the Range Holder: This is the carrier who owns the number block originally, ie. the assigned block from OFCOM.

Pre-Order Validation

If the end-user is unsure of the information on file with the current carrier. Depending on the carrier, Telnyx can open a Pre-Order Validation to confirm details on file for the dids. The POV process takes between 5 to 7 business days.

Time frame for Local / National / Toll-free UK numbers

Line Type


LCP is not RH

Single line



Multi-Line (including associated & other numbers)



Multi-Line (150 lines or less)



Multi-Line (151 lines or more)



Complex DDI



N.B These time frames are expected SLAs between carriers. In the event of no response from the Losing Communications Provider or the Range Holder within the time frame above, an escalation will be made to the relevant party.

Time and date of port

It is possible to select the date you wish to port on. However, we must be given a specific date prior to entering the request and it has to be within the time frame mentioned in the table above. If the porting wish date and time do not respect SLAs, the team will proceed in submitting the request for the losing provider's earliest availability. The standard time for most Local and National ports to be triggered is 10 AM GMT. All Toll-Free ports (unless specified otherwise) take place between 00:00 and 04:00 AM GMT on FOC.

However, this does not mean that your number will port at that specific time on FOC.

In the UK, ports can take up to 6 hours to complete once triggered.

If on FOC, the Losing Communications Provider does not trigger the port at the confirmed port time. The team proceeds to chase the carrier every two hours. Telnyx strongly advises against having the numbers port after 3 PM local. Providing there is an issue with the port, there is a short amount of time on FOC for escalations. This may result in the numbers being down until the next business day.

Once we have received FOC, it is possible to change the port date if an issue arises. Please note that a date change, after the request has been submitted with the current carrier, comes with a fee of 40$ per order.

  • We require at least 48 hours prior to FOC to postpone the port date, if the Losing Communications Provider is the Range Holder.

  • We require at least 72 hours prior to FOC to postpone the port date, if the Losing Communications Provider isn’t the Range Holder as there are more parties to contact in order to make the change.

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