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Telnyx SIP Response CodesThis article highlights the SIP response codes Telnyx uses and their unique meanings!
Understanding SIP PRACK ProtocolDeep dive into SIP PRACK protocol, its significance, and how Telnyx supports it.
Verified NumbersDiscover the benefits of verifying your phone number on Telnyx, ensuring the CLI is accurate to boost professionalism and trust.
Number Level Routing - DeprecationNumber Level Routing is being deprecated. All routing configurations will be updated based on the routing settings of the connection.
Telephony Credentials: TypesThis article explains and describes how to setup and use SIP Connection Credentials, On-Demand Credentials and JSON Web Tokens.
TLS and SRTPThis article discusses the importance of security over VoIP and details TLS and SRTP.
SIP RegistrationThis article explains the basic components involved in the SIP Registration process.
SIP Trunking - Methods/Requests & ResponsesHere we will explain different SIP trunking methods/requests and responses.
Verified Numbers FAQSecure your outbound calls. Learn how Telnyx enhances call security.
IP Authentication with Tech PrefixIn this article we will explain IP authentication with tech prefixes and when to use them.
Creating a Fail Over Connection/serviceIn this guide we will explain how to create a fail over connection/service.
Audio and CodecsHere we will explain session description protocol and how you can utilize them for your business.
Caller ID Number PolicyA comprehensive guide to the Caller ID Number Policy for Outbound Calls.
Email Notification: International Spend LimitIn this article we will explain why you may have received this email
ZRTP deprecationStarting September 18th, 2023, we will be discontinuing the media encryption configuration for ZRTP in our VoIP platform.
Calls per second (CPS) surchargesUnderstanding CPS surcharges, their impact, and how Telnyx manages high CPS rates.
SHAKEN/STIR ParametersTelnyx customers can now get more granular information on call attestation and verification results with new SHAKEN/STIR verstat parameters
SIP - Record Route HeadersUnderstanding the Importance of Route Headers