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Verified Numbers FAQ

What is a Verified Number?

A Verified Number is a number which has not been ported to Telnyx–but the owner has authenticated that they own that number through verification in the Mission Control Portal.

A Verified Number has not been obtained through Telnyx but instead obtained through a different provider. The number is still supported by the original provider however, the customer wants to use that number as a CLI for outbound calls made through Telnyx.

Will I be able to make calls from a number that has not been ported to Telnyx and/ or is unverified?

After February 15th, 2023, Telnyx users will not be able to make calls from unverified numbers that have not been ported to Telnyx.

How do I verify my numbers?

Numbers can be verified through the Mission Control Portal. Users will be sent a verification code –via either Voice or SMS – to each number they wish to verify. Once this code is verified in the portal, that number will be marked as ‘Verified’ in the Verified Numbers section of Mission Control.

Is there a charge for verifying my numbers?

Yes, there is a one-off charge of $0.03 for each number verified plus a separate charge based on the user destination and channel used to send the verification request.

Why is Telnyx making this change?

Ensuring that our customers are using numbers they own for outbound calling, reduces the risk of malicious use cases on the Telnyx network.

My organization uses hundreds of non-Telnyx numbers on the platform? Do we have to verify every number one by one?

No, if you have over 200 non-Telnyx on calls through the Telnyx platform, we will assist you through a bulk verification process. This process will be a reinforced KYC process that will carried out with the help of your account manager.

Will Verified Numbers still route calls through the external provider?

Yes, Verified Numbers will continue to receive incoming calls and messages through the original external provider.

Will Verified Numbers work for Voice and SMS?

This feature will only be applied to all voice services (SIP Trunking and Programmable Voice).

Is it possible to Share/Use Verified Numbers as Caller ID by all users in the Organization?

If the owner of the account adds a verified number, the number is available to be used by all users.

If a sub-user adds a verified number, the number should be available exclusively for that particular user only.

Therefore, if you want to share the verified numbers across the organization, please ask the account admin user to verify the number.

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