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Creating a Fail Over Connection/service
Creating a Fail Over Connection/service

In this guide we will explain how to create a fail over connection/service.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Fail Over Connection/Service

NOTE: Fail over connection/service can be set only when we use multiple IP authentications in a single SIP Connection. 

Please follow the steps to setup the fail-over service:

  1.  Goto "SIP Connections" tab on the portal.

  2. Create a new connection "Add SIP Connection".

  3. Enter the details and add both the IP's which you want to use. One will be primary IP address and second one is the secondary.

NOTE: You can set the priority between or more IP's by using "Set Priority"

4. After adding the IP's, please click on "Save All Changes". This will save the configuration of the connection.

NOTE: You can set the priority between or more IP's by using "Set Priority"

Editing your connection type and IP

5. Then hit "Done" 

>> The next few steps are optional <<

6. Click on "Basic Options" which is on the connection. This will open a new popup window with details of the connection.

7. Goto "Inbound" option. Now we need to set the time in "No Answer Timeout". 

8. Click on "Save All Changes" option. This will save the connection configuration. 

9. Go to "Numbers" tab and click on "Settings" -> "Routing".

10. Make sure that number has both primary and secondary IP.

If you don't see the secondary IP address, please re-assign the connection to the number.  

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