The tech prefix setting can be found under the basic tab of your connections expert settings.

Why use a tech prefix?

You could have an IP phone system with many clients. Telnyx allows you to create multiple IP connections that share the same IP in order to segregate your clients traffic. All you need to do is apply a 4 digit tech prefix on each connection to differentiate your clients.

If you apply a tech prefix to a connection on your mission control portal account, make sure to prepend this to your outbound calls that you send to us.

Please note: if all your connections have a tech prefix but you don't send any calls to us with no tech prefix - calls, by default, will go through the connection with the lowest tech prefix value.


Connection X : 1234

Connection Y : 9876

Example dialed number 123418889809750 - call will go through Connection X
Example dialed number 987618889809750 - call will go through Connection Y

Example 18889809750 - call will go through Connection X because it has the lowest tech prefix value.

You can always assign a connection to one of your clients without a tech prefix, if they share the same IP. In this case, there is no need to include a tech prefix in front of the dialed number when they are calling outbound.

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