How does Telnyx help detect fraud?

Currently, Telnyx detects fraud by using a statistical model to detect outliers in the minutes of use data within a certain time frame.

To do this, we aggregate the minutes of use (MoU) for each account during a specified period of time. Then, we calculate the standard deviation of each data point and compare that to the mean MoU for each account. If the MoU is more than a certain number of standard deviations away from the mean, an alert is logged in our cache and a support representative will respond accordingly.

We apply similar models for our other services as well and are constantly looking to iterate and enhance the models so our customers know we're always looking out for them!

How does Telnyx help prevent/minimize fraud?

To prevent fraud, we suggest starting with the basics so you can ensure a number of measures to protect your account.

  1. Secure your account passwords.

  2. Review access logs on a regular basis.

  3. Restrict web access to your PBX/VoIP system.

On the Telnyx Mission Control Portal, we take one step further and provide you with the ability to apply channel limit settings on your connections and outbound profiles settings.


Inbound Settings:

Expert Settings

Using an extra layer of authentication will make it more difficult for hackers to take over your traffic.

You can use a Tech Prefix on your connection in order to segment traffic if you use the same IP address for multiple clients.

Using multiple outbound profiles for each connection can allow you to have more granular control for the subsequent outbound profile settings.

Outbound Settings:

Outbound Profiles

Not only do we have channel limits but we have further settings on the outbound profile. Depending on the service plan you use, you'll see a max daily spend limit, a max destination rate limit and the ability to blacklist certain countries along with setting how many concurrent calls can be active at any time.

And for international service plans, you'll see the ability to allow or disallow regions or certain countries within those regions.

How do I report abuse for Telnyx numbers?

You can report abuse to us here.

What about robocalls, spoofing and STIR/SHAKEN?

What else is Telnyx doing? 

Our resource center covers more detail about latest trends and topics.

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