Step-by-Step Guide to Megaport Configuration

We are presuming the Megaport Ports are live on both ends.

Example configuration which has to be done from Customer side : 


In order to use the Service Key which is provided by Telnyx, customer need to create a connection on his Megaport portal. 

 Configuration from End User Perspective

  • Provide end user with the Key to initiate this connection

  • The end-user logs into their own Megaportal account

  • Click ‘+ Connection’

  • Click ‘Enter Service Key’

Service Key Deployment

  • Enter the Service Key in the ‘Megaport Service Key ID’ field and the data from the key will  populate:

After entering the service Key which Telnyx provided, automatically details will be updated on the screen.

Now click on "Next" to further proceed on this process. 

In the next screen you need to enter the details : 

Name your connection :

Rate Limit : 

Preferred A-End VLAN :  

And finally click on "Next". 

Example, Once you use the service key provided by Telnyx, you see the details auto filled. 

After updating the details, click on "Next".

This will give you the details of the entries which you have made as a final confirmation before ordering the VXC. 

Once the details are confirmed, click on "Add VXC". This will update your ordering cart for further purchase.

Further, click on "Order". An automated email will be sent to Telnyx for approval of this VXC. Once Telnyx approves your connection, this will create a VXC between Customer and Telnyx. 

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