Number portability in Germany follows strict rules and procedures that must be followed.

Number length:

The length of a number depends very much on the municipality of the number within Germany as well as whether there are extensions tied to the particular number(s).

  • Numbers in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich have a standard length of 10 digits (excluding leading 0)

  • Numbers in other municipalities have a standard length of 11 digits (excluding leading 0)


If the number(s) that you want to port is longer than 10/11 digits (depending on the municipality in which they are in) then you are using an extended version of that number which is typically a 10 block or 100 block of numbers. This is typically done on the main number which then allows for extensions of numbers in scenarios such as call centers, etc.

It is important to note that if you have an extra one or 2 digits you must check with the current operator to ensure that these numbers can be ported (10/100 block). You must also be assigned the whole 10/100 block. If not, the port of the standard number will be blocked.

It is important to note that only the standard number itself will be ported (not the extension of 10/100 numbers). The whole block extension will not be ported.


+49 (0) 40 123456781 - Hamburg

This number is 11 digits long (excluding leading 0/country code). The actual number itself is +49 (0) 40 12345678

+49 (0) 40 123456780 - 6789 are an extension of that number and not the physical number itself.


Local / National Numbers in Germany

  1. Porting Form (Local address from the same city as the number to be ported)

  2. Latest Invoice (from the current provider(s))

  3. Proof of address

  4. ID / Passport copy / Company Registration certificate

Toll-free Numbers in Germany

  1. Porting Form (Local Address required within Germany)

  2. Latest Invoice (from the current provider(s))

  3. Number allocation document (“Zuteilungsbescheid”)

  4. ID / Passport copy / Company Registration certificate

Important things to note before completing the porting form(s):

  • There is a maximum of 10 numbers per porting form

  • For each city that you are porting numbers in, a different form is required including the address within each city to be filled out

  • For each donor carrier, a different form is required.

If you are unsure of any of the above, please verify this with your current provider.

Once a port date has been confirmed with the current carrier, it is possible to change the date (this must be requested 72 hours prior to the agreed port date). Please note that a date change after the request has been submitted with the current carrier comes with a fee of 50$ per order.

Download porting form here

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