France Number Porting

Here you will find detailed requirements for France number portability.

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Local / National Numbers / Toll-Free

  1. LOA (National address mandatory)

  2. SIRET code (for business accounts only)

  3. RIO code

  4. Latest Invoice

  5. Proof of address

Download LOA here


RIO code, this code is available with the current provider.

SIRET code is an INSEE code that allows the geographic identification of any French establishment or business.

Useful information to know about Number Portability in France

Port types

There are 4 types of ports possible in France (isolated, full, partial, and complex port). All these port types take at least 8 business days to port.

1. ISOLATED > You would select this option if you are porting only one number.

2. FULL PORTABILITY > You would select this option if you are migrating a main number along with ALL the associated numbers.

3. PARTIAL PORTABILITY > You would select this option if you are migrating SOME OF the associated numbers to a BTN, without porting the actual BTN.

4. COMPLEX PORTABILITY > You would select this option if you are migrating a main phone number without the associated numbers to that number. In this case, you must inform which number will become the new BTN.

Time of port

There are only 2 available time slots:

  1. Morning trigger (10 AM trigger)
    This means the request will port from 10 AM to 1 PM.

  2. Afternoon trigger (2 PM trigger)
    This means the request will port from 2 PM to 5 PM.

Information on file

It is crucial to verify the information before Telnyx submits a port request, as Telnyx needs to wait until the losing carrier rejects the initial port request before Telnyx is able to create a new port. This can take up to 3 business days and therefore delay the process.
E.g The customer confused the business address, but the port request has already been sent, we will have to wait for the Losing Communications Provider to reject the request before we can submit another port request for the same number with a different address otherwise this port request will be rejected for pending port request.

Most common rejections for France

  • Business address mismatch

  • SIRET code invalid

  • Business name mismatch

  • Pending porting request with another carrier

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