Local / Toll-free in Australia

  1. LOA

  2. ABN (Australian Business Number)

  3. Latest Invoice

Mobile in Australia

  1. LOA

  2. Latest Invoice

  3. Specify whether the service is Prepaid or Postpaid (if the service is prepaid, please provide End-User's name and Date of Birth).

Download LOA here

Please read the below before filling the LOA

Types of Port:

  • CAT A (simple port):
    Please make sure there are no complex services attached to phone numbers. This is typically for single numbers.

  • CAT C (complex port):
    This must be selected if there are complex services associated with the number(s) that you are looking to port. Complex services (ISDN line, Hunt Group, etc.) associated with the number(s) will be canceled during porting. Cat C ports usually take longer as it requires a longer validation time of the losing carrier's side.


    This must be selected for all Toll-Free and Shared Cost numbers.

Most common rejections

Company information mismatch

Company information mismatch can happen for a variety of reasons. Before submitting your port request to Telnyx, please be sure to ask your current service provider the information on file to port the numbers. An invoice from your current provider may also help to validate this information.

Complex Services

A complex service is any services associated with the phone number that can be hunt groups, ISDN lines, or bundled packages. Please ensure that you validate any complex services that may be associated with your account before completing the LOA. If there are complex services on the account you MUST select Cat C.

Associated Numbers

Additional phone numbers that are linked to the number you're trying to port can result in the donor carrier rejecting your port. To avoid this, ensure the current carrier has disassociated any additional numbers, or port any associated numbers together.

Disconnected Number

Please ensure that all numbers that you are looking to port are still in-service. If you request a cancellation of your number/account before the port has complete the port will not be able to complete. You will need to verify and reactivate the number/account with the current carrier.

Pending Port Request

Please ensure that you do not have any pending port requests with another provider. If you have submitted a port request with a different provider, please ensure that you have cancelled that request before submitting a new port to Telnyx.

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