How to Download Reports at Telnyx

As a Telnyx Customer, you are able to download your own CDR / MDR / Call Control and/or Usage Report whenever you want.

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How to Download My Report Logs?

You can generate the following report logs:

  • Calls

  • Messaging

  • Voice API

  • Fax API

  • Wireless

  • WebRTC

  • Real-Time Transcriptions

To generate a these report logs, please log in to your portal account, go to the Reporting section and choose the related "Report Type".

Request a report for the specific time frame you are looking for.

Detailed Records section.

What filters are available?

Outside of specifying a time-frame, you have other filters available to narrow down certain reports:

  • CLI (originating number)

  • CLD (destination number)

  • Tags (defined at the number for inbound calls or at the outbound voice profile for outbound calls)

  • Billing Groups

If you are using managed accounts, you can select the managed account you want to generate a report for.

You have access to record types:

  • Completed

  • Incomplete

  • Errors

As well as call type:

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

Or the specific connection, application or messaging profile you're interested in filtering report logs for.

How to Download Your Usage Report

  1. Usage reports can also be generated here by clicking the Usage Reports at the top of the Reporting section.

Usage reports section.

Step by step guide to Usage Reports can be viewed here.

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