Telnyx Dashboards

Here you will find an overview of Telnyx dashboards and how you can use them.

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Telnyx Dashboard is a feature on the portal that provides some key insights about your Voice Calls & SMS trend over a period of time. These trends can help the customer determine, the overall performance of their call/SMS services.

You can access the dashboard by clicking the Dashboard icon on the top right corner once you are logged in. (link -

The dashboard icon takes you to the below page where you can find more insights through charts. Please note the calling information only represents conversational calls. High volume short duration calling is not captured at this time.

Guide to Telnyx Dashboards

The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of:

• Voice: Number of Calls

• Voice: Connection Rate

• Voice: Max Concurrent Calls

• SMS: Number of Messages

The dashboard also captures live data for:

Active Calls - Inbound & Outbound

Numbers Ported - In Queue & Ported Successfully

A screenshot of a Telnyx Dashboard.

These charts can dynamically be adjusted based on the selected time frame. The portal offers charts for 24 hrs, 7 days, or 30 days data projection which can be select from the drop-down option on the respective charts.

Time frame selection section.
Breaking Line

Voice: Number of Calls

This chart showcases the number of calls (inbound & outbound) over the selected time frame.

Number of calls chart.

Voice: Connection Rate

This chart showcases the percentage of calls (Inbound & outbound) that were connected out of all attempted calls.

Connection rate chart.

Voice: Max Concurrent Calls

This chart showcases the total number as well as individual inbound & outbound concurrent calls that were made form the account.

Max Concurrent Calls chart.

SMS: Number of Messages

This chart shows the total number of Inbound and Outbound SMS that were received or sent from the account.

Number of Messages chart.

This chart also allows filtering the type of SMS (All, Long-Code, Short-Code, Toll-Free) statistics on the portal.

Number of messages section.

Active Calls - Inbound & Outbound

This section on the dashboard showcases an active number of Inbound and outbound calls in real time. The statistics in this section are updated every few seconds.

Inbound and Outbound active calls dashboard.

Numbers Ported - In Queue & Ported Successfully

In Queue - This tells us about the numbers that entered the porting queue in the selected time period, and that are currently in the queue

Ported Successfully - This tells us about the numbers that entered the porting queue in the selected time period, and that were ported-in successfully.

Ported numbers section.

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