Understanding Telnyx CDR

Generate a Call Detail Report to get highly detailed call record insights.

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What is a Telnyx CDR?

A Telnyx Call Detail Record (CDR) is a systematic log capturing the specifics of each phone call made or received via the SIP Connections or Voice Applications linked with a particular Telnyx account. It serves as a historical record that can assist in various analyses, from billing to performance assessment.

To generate a CDR, log-in to your portal account, go to the Reporting section, and request a CDR report. Usage reports can also be generated here by clicking the “Usage reports” at the top of the Reporting section.

Why is a CDR helpful?

CDRs are instrumental for a plethora of reasons:

  1. Billing & Cost Analysis: You can confirm the cost of each call and check the associated rates.

  2. Performance Metrics: It enables monitoring of certain metrics like post-dial delay (PDD) and call duration, which can be crucial for service quality assurance.

  3. Troubleshooting: Should there be any reported issues with specific calls, the CDR provides an extensive insight that can be pivotal in troubleshooting.

  4. Data Analytics: They can be used for advanced data analysis to identify patterns, peak call times, etc.

What is the Connection ID column?

The connection id column refers to the SIP Connection or Programmable Voice Application (Call Control, TeXML or Fax) that received inbound calls or created outbound calls. This is the unique identifier that is associated with the calls. For our programmable voice product, and other various API endpoints, you need this connection id to trigger calls. Read more about this in our developer documentation.

What are the different fields of information available in the CDR Log?

You can see the fields from the below table:

Field Name

Field Descriptor

Account id

ID of Telnyx account that owns the call

Answer Timestamp

Time the call was answered

Billable time

Billed call duration in 60/60

Billing group

Name of associated billing group

Billing group Id

ID of associated billing group

Call duration

Actual call duration in fractional seconds

Call forwarding number

Number used for call forwarding


Call Leg ID

Connection Id

Connection ID - the unique identifier associated with your SIP Connection or Programmable Voice Application.

Connection name

Name of the connection.


Amount for the Telnyx billing cost


Direction of call - inbound or outbound

End Timestamp

Time the call ended

Full Terminating number

E164 number for the callee

Hangup cause

Hangup reason description see list here

Hangup code

Hangup reason code see list here


Call was on the Telnyx network

Originating City

Caller city

Originating Lata

Caller LATA

Originating LRN

Caller LRN

Originating Number

Caller number

Originating OCN

Caller OCN

Originating State

Caller state


Total seconds from when the number has been dialed until the caller or called party hears ringing


Rate applied to the call


US only. Returns Inter or Intra. Inter means call originated in one LATA and terminated in another. Intra means call originated and terminated in same LATA.

Shaken Stir

Please refer to this article for the values.

Sip call-id

ID for SIP call

Start Timestamp

Time the call started

Start Timestamp utc

Time the call started in UTC


Tags associated with the number

Terminating City

LRN city

Terminating Lata


Terminating LRN

Callee LRN

Terminating number

LRN number

Terminating OCN


Terminating State

LRN state

Unique CDR ID

CDR record ID

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