The Mission Control Portal offers various functionalities to help keep track of billing information. This article will elaborate on how to make use of the Billing and Billing Groups sections of the portal.

Video Walk-through for Billing & Billing Groups

Coming soon! This walk-through will demonstrate setting up your Billing & Billing Groups tab.

Configuration of Billing & Billing Groups

You can find both in Billing Overview found in the top right-hand corner of your portal, in the drop-down menu. Billing Groups can be found next to Billing in the navigation bar at the top of this section.

Billing Section

The portal's Billing section is where you will primarily manage your balance, payment method, auto-recharge preferences, and access your invoices.

1. Payment Information

Here you can view your current balance and add a payment method to set up for recurring payments.

Simply click Make Payment in the bottom right and fill out the required information.

Make Payment

2. Invoices

Below payment information, you'll find Invoices. Here you can download and view your invoices for past months. Invoices for the previous month will appear during the first few days of the new month. These can also be sorted by their status (Paid, Unpaid)

3. Ledger Records

Within the Billing section you can also generate Ledger Records for past months which will show your usage and payments broken down by your Billing Groups

Billing Groups

The Telnyx Mission Control Portal gives you the ability to create and assign Billing groups. Billing groups let you categorize usage reports and end-of-month invoice records. A Billing Group can be assigned to Numbers and Outbound Profiles.

Creating a Billing Group

To create a billing group, enter the desired name of the group and click create. You can delete created Billing groups in the section below creation.

Assigning Billing Groups

To add a Billing group to a number select the billing group option on your number and select the group you'd like to associate with the number.

Adding a Billing Group to an Outbound Profile can be done in the Advanced Settings of your Outbound Voice Profile.

You can see more details in our resource center here.

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