Singapore Number Porting

Here you will find a detailed list of requirements for Singapore number portability.

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Local Numbers in Singapore

If the number(s) belong to a Company Account:

  1. LOA (Country-specific) signed by the Authorized Person.

  2. Business Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation.

  3. Work Permit/Employment Pass for non-citizen applicant.

  4. Latest Invoice.

If the number(s) belong to a Personal Account:

  1. LOA (Country-specific) signed by the End-User.

  2. NRIC/Passport.

  3. Work Permit/Employment Pass for non-citizen applicant.

  4. Latest Invoice.

Before completing the LOA

  • The LoA should be saved in PDF format (non-editable).

  • Fill in the correct details in the designated areas.

  • The information provided in the LOA must match the information for the number held by the current provider.

Download LoA Singapore here

Port type

  • Direct Exchange Line (DEL) Ports:

DEL ports are Simple ports. Tick this option for ports that include Telephone Services such as single-line PSTN services.

  • Direct Inward Dialling/Direct Dialling Inwards (DID/DDI) Ports:

DID/DDI ports are Complex ports. Tick this option for Ranges, DiDs that have complex services associated. It refers to a Telecommunications Service which enables a caller to call directly a user on a PABX or other private system without the need for intervention or assistance by an Operator or other attendant.
โ€‹Please note: if you wish to port a block you must port the full range or disassociate the numbers you wish to port. The end user will need to refer to their existing Operator with regard to disassociating numbers from the number block.

Once a porting date has been confirmed with the losing provider, if a change in date and time is required, the change must be confirmed no less than 72 business hours (SGT) before the scheduled cutover window.

Time scale

Port Type



6 - 7 Business days


8 - 18 Business days

N.B These time frames are expected SLAs between carriers. In the event of no response from the Losing Communications Provider or the Range Holder within the time frame above, an escalation will be made to the relevant party.

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