Porting away from Bandwidth

In this guide we will explain how to easily port your numbers away from Bandwidth

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To begin the process of porting away from Bandwidth, you need to follow a few simple steps to get the information that you need to port.

Raise a support ticket with Bandwidth porting support

Request a copy of the CSR information for the numbers on your account that you wish to port away. 

Typically speaking, if you do not leverage Bandwidth's port-out validation API they do not confirm the information submitted within a port-out and grant automatic FOC (port approval) to the new carrier. If you do leverage this, you must request a CSR from them.

This may take Bandwidth sometime as they need to check internally as well as reach out to their underlying partners to confirm this information with them.

Proceed with submitting your port-in request to Telnyx

To do this, please see Porting into Telnyx.

If you are porting a large amount of numbers into Telnyx, when filling out the LOA, please state "Numbers provided in spreadsheet" in the "Numbers to be ported" field. 

Please put your own company information on the LOA. This should include your own business name, address, Authorized person's name and signature as well as the date.

Bandwidth does not leverage BTNs (billing telephone numbers) or Account numbers. You can use any of the numbers that you are porting away from Bandwidth as the BTN and as the Account Number too.

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