Port numbers away from Telnyx

Learn how to efficiently port numbers away from Telnyx with their detailed guides and tracking tools for a transparent port-out process.

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Typically when you wish to port a number to your new provider, you must first inform your new provider that you wish to port numbers over to their network. Once your soon-to-be carrier receives this request they will notify Telnyx of your port request and we will work with them to port your number(s) to them.

Porting out your numbers from Telnyx

NOTE: Telnyx does not hold and therefore unable to provide specific Customer Service Record (CSR) information.

Below you will find information that you can use to port your numbers away.

If you are looking to port-out your number(s) to another carrier and are looking for the correct account information to use to submit to your new carrier, please go to the Account information page within the Mission Control Portal and you can find the information needed.

  • End-user Name - Your client's business name (or personal name for residential clients)

  • Address - This can be any address within the US (or specific country where the number is based)

  • BTN - Simply use one of the telephone numbers being ported out as the account number.

  • Account number - Telnyx does not use Account Numbers. Simply use one of the telephone numbers being ported out as the account number. 

  • Always request Full Port - We never cancel or disconnect any other services on the account based on a port request from a gaining carrier.

If you wish to export a list of your DIDs for reference for your new carrier, please go to the My Numbers page and click on the "Export to CSV" button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Next Steps for Porting Numbers Away

Once your carrier receives the port request they will contact Telnyx directly. Once they do, we will notify you via email. The email will contain a link to view the port out under the Port Out tab within your Telnyx account. 

You can see more information regarding approving or rejecting a port out request in Port Out Tracking

Unsure why you received a port out notification? Please see Why did I receive a port-out notification?

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