Typically when you wish to port a number to your new provider, you must first inform your provider that you wish to port numbers over to their network. Once your soon-to-be carrier receives this request they will notify Telnyx of your port request and we will work with them to port your number(s) to them. 

If you are looking to port-out your number(s) to another carrier and are looking for the correct account information to use to submit to your new carrier, please go to the Account information page within the Mission Control Portal and you can find the information needed.

If you wish to export a list of your DIDs for reference for your new carrier, please go to the My Numbers page and click on the "Export to CSV" button on the right-hand side of the screen.

If you have received a port-out notification and are unsure why you received it, please see Why did I receive a port-out notification?

If you have any questions around a port-out request, please contact lnp@telnyx.com. We typically try to respond to requests within 24 hours. 

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