I Received a Port-Out Notification

Wondering why you received a port-out notification? Here we explain how port-out notifications work at Telnyx and what they mean for you.

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An Explanation of Port-Out Notifications

When a carrier receives a port-in request they will send the current carrier a port-out notification to let them know that they wish to port-out a number, usually with the authorization of the end-user. 

Telnyx will automatically create e Port-Out request and you should receive a port-out notification via email/webhook depending on how you have your notifications set-up.

These email notifications will by default go to the main account owner's email address. If you need to have these email notifications go other email addresses, please see Groups and Permission sets.

We typically ask that you respond to our port-out notification within 24 or 48 hours via email. If you do not wish for the numbers to be ported-out, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible in order to prevent the port-out from being processed. 

If you are a service provider or reseller please check if the end-user (ie. your customer) has submitted a port request with a new carrier. It is your responsibility to ensure that port-out requests are actioned and responded to correctly.

If you or the end-user do not wish for the numbers to be ported out, please respond to the port-out notification by Rejecting the request and inform us that you decline the request along with the reason why. Your numbers will not be ported out provided that you decline the request within the timeframe given and give a valid reason for declining the request. See Port Out Tracking for details on how to do this.

If you happen to have any questions regarding a port-out or port-out notification, please contact lnp@telnyx.com.

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