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Detailed steps to port away from to Telnyx with key account information.

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Guide to port away from is a service provider that leverages different providers depending on the type of phone number, US, Canada, or Toll-free and even internationally.

Porting away from is a simple process but there are a few steps that you must first cover to ensure that you have the correct information. We will address these below.

Account information

Your account information may vary depending on the type of set-up you have with Your account may have numbers under a single account's details or if you have sub-accounts then each number or set of numbers may have different information on file.

If you do not have sub-accounts set-up on your account, then you only need to use your own business information to port the phone numbers out. If you do leverage sub-accounts, then you may need to submit individual ports for each sub-account.

How to retrieve this information:

Company name and Address

This information should be list on the top-left of your invoice.

PIN Number

If you have set-up a PIN number in your account before then you will need this to port your numbers away from them. This is located under “Main Menu”, “Account Settings” then under “Security” tab. If you have not enabled this before, then you do not need to provide a PIN number when porting into Telnyx.

Account number

Your account number is not listed on your invoice. This should be listed within the portal. However, if you have not implemented a PIN number on your account then generally speaking an account number is not required to port away from

Phone numbers
You can find a list of phone numbers that you have with via their portal and also on your invoice.

Once you have retrieved this information, you will need to fill out a Letter of Authorization with Telnyx. Please see here for more details.

Submitting your port to Telnyx

Once you have this information, please submit your port to Telnyx via the Numbers > Port Numbers. Alternatively, click here to bring you to the new port request page.

Time to port


Average time to port

Possible expedite time to port

Expedite Fee


3 days

Same day (if submitted in the morning)

$150 expedite fee per order.


As little as 6 hours

As little as 6 business hours

No charge


1-2 days

Same day

No charge

To request an expedite, please submit your port request and open a live chat with our porting team. Live chat is located in the bottom-right corner of your screen when logged into your Telnyx account.


Please note that expedites cannot guarantee same-day porting. We will do everything in our power to port orders as soon as possible but depending on the losing carrier this is not always possible.

Please ensure that all information submitted in the port request is accurate. Rejections will cause delays.

The expedite fee is still applicable even if we cannot provide same-day porting.

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