Zapier: Forward Texts to Email

In this article we will discuss how to set up text message forwarding to your inbox.

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We all use a lot of apps just to communicate with one another. Zapier connects 5,000+ apps so the conversations flow automatically. In this article you'll learn how to forward inbound text messages to your email account.

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Get set up with the Telnyx Integration on Zapier


  • Make sure that you’ve signed up for a Zapier account

  • Make sure you have bought at least one phone number that is messaging enabled.

  • Follow this link to find the Telnyx Zapier integration and click the connect button to get started.

1. Making your first Zap

Let’s go ahead and make your first Zap!

  1. Make sure you’re at the Zapier homepage.

  2. In the top right corner, click the Make a Zap! button and configure the following:

    1. Trigger app: Telnyx.
      If Telnyx is not already in your list of triggers, you can search for it.

    2. Choose Trigger Event: Select Receive a Message.

    3. Click Continue.

    4. Choose Account: Select the account you’d like to use for receiving messages.

    5. Click Continue.

  3. Click Find Message to test your connection and pull in a sample inbound message webhook to set up the action stage. If successful, you’ll move on to the Action step ("Do This …"). See section 2 for this part of the configuration.

  4. Once Telnyx and Zaiper are connected, you'll receive a notification in your Telnyx portal. It should say "Zapier - Receive message trigger."

    1. From the portal, go to Numbers and assign this profile "Zapier - Receive message trigger" to the phone number you want to use for receiving messages.

2. Integrate your Zap with your Email

In the “Do This …” step search for your email provider, in this example, we’ll be using Gmail.

  1. Choose the Send an email action.

  2. Click Continue.

  3. Choose an existing gmail account, or follow the directions to link a new account

  4. Enter the email where you’d like to receive copies of your inbound messages.

  5. Add Cc or Bcc as you wish

  6. Choose your email address as the To address

  7. For Subject, enter something unique (you most likely will want to filter this subject out from your inbox)

  8. In the body enter something like this




  9. Click Continue.

3. Test your Zap

You'll just need to click on Test and Continue. Now you can turn on the Zap.

You've now set up a quick way to forward inbound messages from your Telnyx number to your real number.

Additional Resources

Review our getting started with guide to make sure your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account is set up correctly.

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