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Forwarding SMS to your mobile number

Learn how to forward inbound SMS sent to your Telnyx number to your mobile number using Zapier.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Forwarding Inbound SMS

IMPORTANT: We apologise for any inconvenience, the steps outlined in this article do not currently function. Telnyx is aware that the Zap for "Receive a Message" is outdated and working on fixing it again.

Follow this link to be invited to the Telnyx-Zapier Beta.

Accept the Invite and you're ready to automate your workflow with Telnyx!

In this example, we'll set up a Zap to forward all inbound messages received by your Telnyx number to your mobile number. This can be helpful if you want to see in real-time what people are texting your Telnyx number.

  • Let's go ahead and Make a Zap!. Choose Telnyx as the trigger App. Then under Choose Trigger Event, click on Receive a Message and click Continue. Click on the account you'd like to use for receiving messages.

Note that all messages received by another number associated with the messaging profile will be used for this Zap. For this reason we highly recommend only attaching a single number to a messaging profile you use for Zaps.

  • Click Continue and click Find Message on the next page to pull in a sample inbound message webhook to use to setup the action stage.

  • Moving onto the action stage. Search for Telnyx and choose Send SMS under Choose Action Event and click Continue.

  • Now choose the account you'd like to use for sending the message and click Continue.

  • Under source number, enter the number you'd like to send from.

  • Under destination number, enter your phone number.

  • Under message content, we can fill that in with details from the message that triggered this Zap.

Something like this:

FWD FROM: From-Phone-Number
BODY: Text

Note that From-Phone-Number and Text are dynamic fields that Zapier can populate from the trigger. Make sure you use the drop down to insert those into the message body.

  • Click Continue and then Send Test. You should see the following text come in:

FWD FROM: +16365553226
BODY: Sample Text Sent From Zapier!

Final step, turn on Zap

Turn your Zap on and you're all set! You've set up a quick way to forward inbound messages to your Telnyx number to your mobile number!

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