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Receiving SMS on your Telnyx number

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Prerequisites for Receiving SMS

Make sure you've configured your account, such as purchasing a number, creating a messaging profile, and associating that messaging profile with that number.


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Receiving SMS on Telnyx

First of all, there is no provision on the Telnyx portal where you can receive the SMS.

In order to receive SMS on your Telnyx purchased number, you need to attach a webhook to the number's respective messaging profile.

You can find more details about Webhook in the below section of this article.

So let's take this example DID which is connected to a Telnyx messaging profile.

A screenshot of the Telnyx Messaging Profile.

Now in the messaging profile section, you need to attach a webhook as highlighted in the yellow box

Profile Information section with the Webhook attachment.

Webhook can be customized and has to be set up by the customer, however, for this demo, we have generated a webhook from this website

Once the webhook is saved in the messaging profile, the content of your incoming SMS to Telnyx number can be seen in the webhook.

Messaging profile.

The below image shows SMS was sent to the Telnyx number i.e. +13125790011 with all the other details.

Sent SMS dashboard.
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Video demo showing how to receive SMS on your Telnyx Number

Kudos! now you know how to receive SMS on your Telnyx number.

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More details: What are webhook?

And for specific error codes here:

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