E911 Setup Guide

In this article we will explain how to setup E911 with the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.

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How to Setup E911 with Telnyx

  1. On the number you want to enable e911 service, click on the ambulance button. 

    1. e911 setup dashboard

  2. You will be brought to the dedicated emergency tab settings of the number where you can toggle on emergency services.

    1. enabling e911 numbers via portal

  3. When you toggle on the emergency services button, you can then choose the address you want to associate with this number or click the "New Address" button to add a new address instead.

    1. e911 address field

  4. Once you've set your address click "Save Changes" where a pop up will appear that asks you to confirm the monthly cost charge that will apply for enabling emergency services on the number.

    1. confirm e911 costs

  5. Once you click "Accept" the page will load and a green banner will display to denote that the changes successfully applied. You can now test 933 calls.

  6. Separately, we recommend enabling notifications so you can receive notifications over a preferred channel should this number make emergency calls.

    1. You can create channels via the notifications section of your account here.

    2. Save your changes again, once you've set up a preferred channel to receive emergency notifications about this number, and you can be kept in the loop for any potential issues that arise.

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