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Telnyx Global IoT SIMs
Telnyx Global IoT SIMs

Here you will find a collection of FAQs and guides on all things Wireless.

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Telnyx Global SIMs FAQsFind answers to some common questions about the Telnyx Wireless product.
How to set up a Telnyx SIM CardA quickstart guide that includes step by step instructions on how to set up the Telnyx SIM.
SIM Setup and ConfigurationThis article will explain how to order a Telnyx SIM card and help with the configuration/setup process.
How to setup a Telnyx eSIMWalkthrough on purchasing, activating, and using Telnyx eSIMs for seamless mobile connectivity.
SIM Connectivity LogsMaster the art of troubleshooting your SIM with Telnyx's guide to connectivity logs.
SIM Reporting & AnalyticsIn this article we will explain where to find your WDRs in the Telnyx Mission Control Portal and API.
SIM Card Location and Device DetailsHow to view your SIM card's estimated location in the Mission Control Portal and API. Understand the significance of cell tower connections.
Adding the Telnyx SIM APN to your deviceIn order to use the Telnyx SIM, you’ll need to add an APN to your device.
SIM Card Theft PreventionSecure your SIM fleet with Telnyx. Add authorized IMEIs and get alerts for unauthorized access, ensuring your SIMs remain safe.
SIM Card ActionsTrack every update made to your SIM cards with Telnyx's SIM card actions. Gain full visibility of changes.
Data LimitsIn this article we will explain how you can set up data limits for your SIM groups and SIM cards.
IoT SIM Card PricingWhat are the rate plans and associated costs for Telnyx programmable wireless?
International Roaming PartnersStay connected globally with Telnyx's extensive partner networks. Experience hassle-free roaming with our SIM card.
International IoT SIM CoverageExplore the world with Telnyx IoT. Our SIM card ensures reliable connectivity in over 180 countries on 650+ networks worldwide.
Telnyx IoT SIM Data Usage Zone MappingHere you will find the mapping of each Country to their relevant Zone which is used to calculate Telnyx IoT SIM data usage billing.